2021 Spring Update

Hello everyone, just thought we would share some news about a few exciting things going on around here lately.

First off we have a brand new single from Ripper and the Jesses that should be available everywhere on June 9th (6/9 hehe) but for now you can check out the rippers first ever music video on YouTube

Secondly we have Strangeness In Proportion working on a new single called "Huge Handwriting. Earlier this year Sean stated that as soon as the single "Blackout On Your Block" hits 1000 plays on Spotify that he would release another single. You guys listened and Sean is delivering!

Third up is Nathan john's new solo record. Nathan is the lead vocalist and songwriter for Saskatchewan punk/metal outfit Maxstone who are also on the label. The new record is acoustic based and features Brett Marit also of Maxstone helping out with guitar in a few tracks as well. You can find the first single on the Fixed Frequency Label Sampler found here:

In other label news test presses for Me The Guts album "Spilt Guts Over Rough Cuts" are in and we are very stoked to get these out to you. In case you missed the news earlier we teamed up with a great label from Alberta named Wasted Wax Records to put the vinyl out. You can visit Wasted Wax Records website right here and check out all they have to offer as well

That about does it for news right now but keep checking back as there is always something going on here. Have a great week everyone!


Fixed Frequency

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