I Got Them First Blog Post Jitters

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

So this is Fixed Frequency. I (Colin Marit) and Evan DeCap started this label back in 2009 with the sole intentions of releasing our own music. He had a Horrorcore/Hip Hop thing going on and I had a Rock band type dealy and we felt like since we both lived in the same house and made the music together that we should release it together and thats pretty much the only reason Fixed Frequency Exists today.

Fast forward to 2020 and weve released albums from great Canadian bands like Maxstone as well as Ripper and the Jesses EP. We also took on an artist from Pennsylvania named Strangess In Proportion and as soon as this Covid thing slows down a tad (I remain optimistic) he will be back on tour again.

I have also been adding some merch to the store lately and there is plenty more to come so keep checking as I update the site!



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