Me The Guts To Release New Album

Saskatoon punk/metal outfit Me The Guts will be releasing their third album through Fixed Frequency Records on April 20th. We had a great chat with Derek and got a chance to ask him some random questions so here we go...

Colin - How many people are in the band exactly, I heard from a friend of a friend of mine that you recorded most of the new album by yourself?

Derek - so as of right now there are two members in the band. Josh Collins who also plays in a band called A New Rhetoric from Edmonton plays Guitar and does back ups for the band. He was playing bass for the 2019 tour but after our guitarist at the time parted ways he decided to take on the guitar duties. Then there’s myself who plays drums and does the lead vocals for the band. As for recording the new album most of the material was already written. So instead of looking for a full band and teaching them all the songs, then eventually getting into the studio to record, decided it would be easier to just book the time myself and head in to the studio and bang them all out.

Colin - Do you prefer live shows or the atmosphere of a studio environment?

Derek - I don’t think there is anything that can beat the raw energy and emotion you get from playing a live show. Playing music you wrote for people who you have no idea if they will love or hate it. It’s fucking awesome! Also being able to meet new people on the road and make new friendships with people who have the same passion is pretty awesome. Now with that being said I don’t think there’s a much better time than being at the studio with a good friend like Mike Lefebvre at the sweat shoppe laying down tracks. Also hearing your work come together from start to finish is a great feeling.

Colin - We saw you did an SNFU tribute ep lately, how fun was that to make and why didn't you guys cover anything from Meantime?

Derek - making the SNFU ep was awesome. as soon as I heard chi had passed was something it was something I really wanted to do. They were such a huge influence on all the bands I played in growing up and continuing through my music playing. That new ep they released fuckin rips and couldn’t have been more excited to hear there was a few more songs coming out. Maybe we will cover one of the new ones in the future. Buffalo jump was going to be a possibility to cover but it just fell through in the end.

Colin - If me the guts was a movie what would it be?

Derek - hmmm if me the guts was a movie it would be like something Eric Andre would do. By the end you would be like what the fuck did I just watch? I will never get that time back in my life again. But somehow it was very amusing and I kind of want to see what happens next!

Colin - This concludes the multitude of stupid questions I have short of what can we look forward to in terms of the new Me The Guts album. Be as explicit and honest as you want dude...

Derek - So the new album has been in the works for a little over a year now and it finally coming to the end of the tunnel. I’m so happy to finally be able to get this out and let everyone hear what we’ve been working on. Personally I believe this is some of the best material MTG has written and cannot wait to get back onto the road and spread the word of the guts throughout the land.

“Spilt Guts Over Rough Cuts” will be available on all music platforms April 20th/21. We will also have vinyl on army green available through Wasted Wax Records and Fixed Frequency Records. Pre save on iTunes April 12th. Otherwise go give it a listen on April 20th/21

Check out the bands back catalog right here!

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