Orphan Riot Releases First Single and Video From Upcoming EP

“High Cost of Living” is the first single and video from the soon-to-be released Orphan Riot EP, 37, and is available now for 1$ on our releases page.  The EP was recorded in Durham, NC at the Sandwich Shoppe under the production guidance of Scotty Sandwich, known as the founder of Death to False Hope Records and more recently, his production work with Mikey Erg. According to lead vocalist and guitarist, Noel Greene, “High Cost of Living is a straight up “Fuck You” and middle finger to authority. During the 2020 George Floyd protests around the U.S., we were hearing from friends in the bigger cities that were attending the rallies. They all were sharing stories about how the police and right wing were starting fights to intentionally escalate the situation. Standing up for what you believe is right comes at a high cost. You can’t stand down, and you can’t give up.” The band struggled on a video concept, but eventually landed on an homage to the 1994 Kevin Smith Film, Clerks. Bassist Ian Horlbogen remarked, “Yeah, it’s a funny movie but if you really look at it you see the struggle of class and authority. Are you happy with your “station in life”? Are you going to stand up and do something about it?”. The video was filmed at Game Over Comics in Burlington, NC, and is a place of great significance for the band. In addition to being a minority owned independent business, it is also martial arts dojo, a gathering place for young people in the community and on weekends before COVID, the only all-ages music venue that allows young bands to play on a regular basis in the area. Game Over owner, Sensei Darren Stokes is a tireless supporter of young people in the community and has made it his purpose in life to be a positive influence to those around him. The video features members of the band in various roles from Clerks along with friends and supporters including NC music photographer, Melanie Mae Bryan, Fractured Evolution guitarists, Roman Furze, Game Over owner, Sensei Stokes and two former Orphan Riot drummers Micah Caudle and Landon Johnson as Jay and Silent Bob. The new Orphan Riot EP, 37, (no relation to the 37 joke from Clerks) will be streaming everywhere on October 23rd through Fixed Frequency Records.

View the brand new video right here!

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