Strangeness In Proportion Release New Video

Strangeness In Proportion released a new video for their song "Im Trying To Smoke These Hornets" on October 30th and had this to say about it:

"We filmed all of the video in two days, starting on October 10th; It involved friends and a few amazing members of my video editing class all collaborating and brainstorming ideas together." -Sean Cahalin

Starring Sean Cahalin (Strangeness In Proportion), Jack Kyle, Charles Smith III, and Sean Walsh and with terrific work from Alexandria Menzak, Gianna Brunell, and Kasey Vincent behind the camera. "We had a lot of fun shooting. You can see around 25-30 seconds into the video, Jack is dressed as the ghost and knocks over a cup of hot chocolate with the sheet, one second it's there, then it's gone." says Strangeness In Proportion, "We all shared a mish-mash of ideas that we wanted to utilize in order to avoid making the story definitive, I want my songs and videos to be, for the most part, interpretive."

Following along with the consistent imagery of his album, "Secondhand Heartbeat", Strangeness In Proportion presents a light-hearted and wholesome video with sheet-ghosts in silly scenarios. "It was all really fun to shoot, it didn't feel like working, it felt like hanging out and goofing off," he exclaimed, "I'm probably proudest of the scene where I reenact a portion of the 'Slightly Burnt Coil' music video. I've always liked the ideas of music videos telling a cohesive story or being tied together in some way. And I've always loved the concept used in Back To The Future 2 with reenacting old scenes but with a fresh perspective. I thought to myself, 'but what if the ghost had been there the whole time' and really enjoyed experimenting with that." The song title, "I'm Trying To Smoke These Hornets" is a reference to a quote from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". In the episode, Charlie says "I'm trying to smoke these hornets to death, so I can get their honey..." But, the song was originally going to have a different Always Sunny quote as the title: "I Eat Stickers All The Time, Dude!"

Song credits: Sean Cahalin: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Melodica

Greg Rodriguez: Cajon, Tambourine

Raul Casas: Vocals

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at Midley Grange Recording by Dylan Tasch

You can watch the video right here and grab some merch from

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