Vaudeville Remedy Release New Single

Vaudeville Remedy just put out a brand new single today called "Lou Reed" and it's not what you would expect from this prairie punk/blues trio. Sometime in 2017 the band shifted their sound with the addition of Ben Potratz on bass and a more alternative sound became the norm.

They released a series of singles and EP's including 2017's "I've Got An Idea For X-mas", which was a Christmas themed album about a drug addicts antics during the holiday season. No word on when the new full length comes out but you can listen to "Lou Reed" right now at the link below or check it out on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, BandCamp and all those fine other platforms!

The bands latest EP "Let Go Of The Illusion That It Could Have Been Any Different" was released on Fixed Frequency in 2019 and had two different covers. One of them had Jesus and the other has a xenomorph on it, each version also contained its own bonus song. You can hear it by clicking on the album cover below!

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